Beach Combing sea shell earrings

by sarah hair Email

We found a secluded beach in Georgetown where we spent many days just sifting through the millions of tiny sea shells for the perfect tiny specimens. This beach had a little tide pool where the kids could swim and play even with their youngest friends met during our cruise. There was also an awesome little bubble bath where the waves broke over the shelf of rocks and made a water fall that splashed down into the pool and made billions of tiny bubbles. It was a big hit.

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These earrings were made from the bag of miniature sea shells we found on that beach in Georgetown, Bahamas. It might seem simple, but I sifted through an entire bag to find these shells which matched. I thought we had about a hundred of these that were all the same, but when we got back to the boat, it seemed that none of them were the same size, shape, or color! The sea shells I chose were the obvious choice, since they were the only ones which matched so perfectly!

sea shell earrings

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