Birthday Bliss

by sarah hair Email

I wanted a shower for my birthday, yes, it is not much, until you see the circumstances.

We are out at anchor, in a pretty busy anchorage with passers-by on boats, swimming, on jet-skis, on cars over a bridge, walking by, fishing, pretty much everywhere you look there are people. Now, our showering system has a couple disadvantages, first off, we can only use it if we have enough water. Check. We watered-up a couple days back. Next, we have to be on deck, so the weather has to cooperate to make sure we do not freeze to death in the cold or wind. Showering at night tends to be chilly, even in summer, as the cool breeze chills the water as the shower bag is emptied and the water is chilly to begin with, which makes the soap never really wash off. Additionally, wit all the people around, we have to shower with clothes on. Also, to fit under the nozzle, we have to scrunch down or sit down, so it never feels (or gets) very clean in the nethers.

So, as I mentioned, all I wanted was a shower. If it could be with warm water, standing up, naked, that would be awesome! But, just a shower would even do, so in a way I was not asking for much, except that in a way, I was asking for a very lot.

My day was blown out of the water right from the start! John got up and made me macadamia nut pancakes with bananas, nectarines, and coconut on top!

My girls made me a bunch of amazing presents including a new purse, outfits for various stuffed toys I have, and a new hand made hat. They had ben staying up in the middle of the night sewing for the past couple weeks, but the results are stunning!

We played card games for a while and hung out and played with the new presents, then headed to shore for an early dinner.

Upon reaching the shore, all my birthday dreams came true! There was a surf shower right on the landing for the dinghy dock, where I busted out my shower stuffs and went to work. Madison held the button for me and I lathered up and scrubbed down! I was so clean, right in the middle of the day, standing up, with as much water as I needed coming all around me! It was so much fun!

There were slim pickens in this area for eateries which did not have the word Grille in them, so we went to the only place we found, which had Mexican food. We filled up on delicious salsa and chips, then got our entrees and packed and took most of them home.

After dinner we went for a walk along the beach and found a bunch of cool bits and pieces of shells and even some stones which were clear and veined with also being frosted by the sand and surf! THey were like sea glass made of crystals or something. We brought several home, and I am thinking now of how to make something awesome with them.

Madison made us all the best cherry pie ever all by herself while I read a book. We all ate it and hung out late into the night, then signed off on another brilliant birthday celebration.

Also for my birthday...

NEW HEAD not connected to my bed at all! It works like a charm, flushes every time, and flushes easily.

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