Cape Lookout, North Carolina

by sarah hair Email

We spent the day in Cape Lookout and just knew that it would not be enough if we did not camp out. Despite the mosquitoes, we endeavored to stay overnight to get the full experience and camp out for the first time in many years.

Cape Lookout is part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, an amazing and special group of huge islands of sand dunes that form a skinny ribbon of sand around North Carolina. It was so beautiful and amazing to be there and experience something so huge and natural, especially after having spent so long on the boat and in the Bahamas where everything is either plastic or dead or just plain flat. THe beach here had real sand dunes, which the girls had never seen before. Malia even learned to run down the sand dunes like I did when I was a little girl.

The beach on Cape Lookout is the nicest we have seen in years! It has a nice gentle slope with decent surf of about 2-5 feet so we could body-surf. The girls had never done any body surfing before, and the last time I had was when I was pregnant with Madison! It was such a treat!

They have a beautiful lighthouse among the forest and the sand dunes as well as a ranger station. The lovely people there told us about the jr. ranger program they had for the kids which sent us out on science excursions, experiments, scavenger hunts, and hikes. In the end, Madison and Malia had finished tow of the four days of jr. ranger tasks offered on the island. It was the most amazing experience! We all agreed that we want to come back here as soon as we can. We did not have our full before we had to leave, so we are dying to try it again!

We all agreed this was the most fun we have had in years!

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