Coral Ring

by sarah hair Email

Actually, I sold this one the other day (that was fast!) but you can still see it on our sailing jewelry site if you look through the sold gallery.

This is my favorite!

coral ring

Madison and Malia went for a walk with our friend Carlos and found this amazing piece of coral in the waves along Biscayne Bay. They found a total of 4 pieces that day, a matching pair for earrings, a large piece that made a magnificent pendant, and this piece, which really longed to be made into a ring.

coral ring

The waves polished this piece of coral and smoothed it to this perfect size and shape. It was amazing when we found it, so I did not have to shape it at all. I love it when things come to me just exactly as they should be.

coral pendant

Malia cleaned all of the coral pieces for days with tweezers, removing the tiny particles of sand that filled the little cracks and crevices. In the end, they were magnificent! She did such an amazing job!

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