Elizabeth City, North Carolina

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Deciding to hole up in the Dismal Swamp, we motored around turns and up stretches until we saw the most perfect spot. We met the kind people who owned the property and they allowed us to tie up for the night even offering a warm place to stay indoors if the hurricane turned nasty.

We set to work removing all the canvas and every possible removable piece of hardware or other prospective projectile. Avalon looked so naked when we had finished, but it allowed us to do a deeper cleaning than we had done in months. By late afternoon the boat was transformed into a hurricane-ready stripped version of her former self, though still with the crunchy carcass carpet.

Having properly prepared as best we could under the circumstances, we caught a ride into town and bought hurricane preparedness foods. This primarily consists of ice cream, apple pie, brownies, chips, salsa, guacamole, bagels, and beer.

We stayed up until late waiting to see if we would be hit hard or if it might pass and we explored the munchies while playing cribbage and Scattergories. THe storm turned out to be little more than an exercise in preparedness, which was quite a relief even though part of me always screams out, "You mean I did all that work for nothing!" Being tied to our new friends' place did afford us the luxury of cleaning off the bugs and getting a decent washing while we put the boat back together. Not a complete loss when we consider the deep cleaning that really was needed.

We headed back to Elizabeth City where they have an amazing free dock right in downtown in front of a park where upon arrival a festival was just beginning and we were able to greet everyone from town who came out to welcome us while listening to live music. We went out to sushi also, which I highly recommend here in Elizabeth City. They have better sushi than we found anywhere in Fort Lauderdale at better prices, and tons of vegetarian options which we sampled each and every one of and still made it out under $80.00 for the four of us.

The weather since the hurricane scare has been significantly cooler in the evenings and mornings, so we are loathe to go any further north having started so late in the season this year. Everything in Elizabeth City seems to be conspiring to keep us here for the year, so we may just give in. We rented a dock for the month and are currently looking for work. Keep your fingers crossed!


Comment from: Rob and Lauren [Visitor]
Rob and LaurenIt's tough exchanging the warm blue water for gloves and mittens and winter stateside. Glad to hear everything is well with you all. We remember the crew of Avalon fondly.
11/20/10 @ 04:23
Comment from: sarah hair [Member] Email
sarah hairHi Rob and Lauren!

I was just wondering if you had gone to Uba. I will check your blog!

I am thinking you might not remember very well the conditions under which we saw that blue water... It was FREEZING! Certainly no trouble to give up cold for cold, especially since we are in a place where we can do things we want to do. We are having a lot of fun, and finally have some freedom after a year of being cooped up in that jail cell!

Hope you have found some of that warm blue water. If you get some, let me know where it is!

Meanwhile we are opening a community art studio. More on that later, when I get some time.
11/20/10 @ 06:50

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