Gray Sea Glass

by sarah hair Email

Sometimes I just wonder where all this sea glass came from. Some things are pretty obvious, beer bottles or window panes, but other times, it just befuddles me.

This Gray Sea Glass Pendant has had me confounded with questions about its origin for months now, and I don't really think I am any closer to figuring it out.

gray sea glass

I found this gray piece, well, I found it in my daughter's hand, but it was still on the beach, so I am going to just go with it. Anyway, it is gray with a lavender tint. It is very large and flat, not curved at all, but well worn by the waves, so I know it must have been there some time.

I can't think of anything glass and gray, so maybe this is one of those where the chemicals change in the uv rays and it turns the color from clear to something else... or maybe there is some company out there making flat gray glass products, or was making them some time ago when this gray sea glass was still just gray glass.

I have read that gray sea glass is very rare and thought to perhaps come from tinted windows from old automobiles, however, tinting on automobile windows is typically done with a sticker, I thought. I am not really a car enthusiast, so feel free to tell me I am wrong on this one.

Whatever it was or is, I love it! This was my favorite find for several months, and I would just look at it and hold it. I did not make it into something until I was sure of what I wanted to do. I gave it a swirl and a lavender crystal. Just what every gray sea glass piece needs.

As of yet, this is the only piece of gray sea glass we have found, and we are searching constantly. I guess that does make it pretty rare, but mostly this gray sea glass is amazingly beautiful.


Comment from: Jenn Mills [Visitor]
Jenn MillsI found a gray piece with a tint of purple as well. It was out west Washington. I was quite happy about the find too. I heard that it was a UV thing as well, but not certain. I haven't done anything with my piece yet. I love yours! Happy seaglass hunting!
06/19/10 @ 21:09
Comment from: sarah hair [Member] Email
sarah hairThanks for the compliments, Jenn.

Congratulations on your find as well! If you do make something, come back and post a picture so I can see it! I have found only this one piece on the beaches and even very few pieces in this color online, so I would be really excited to see another one!
06/19/10 @ 21:51

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