Hard aground, again

by sarah hair Email

This time in the middle of the ICW.

I understood there would be a minimum of 12 feet through the whole way up the east coast of the US... weird that.

We did talk with several people on the radio as we prepared to spend another night on the ground, though this time it is at least not a tree. There was mention from one man that there used to be a marker here telling boaters about the shoal under us. Maybe someone hit it. Another said that they made it through just fine - most of the time. A third offered a tow, for a small fee.

We will be awake at 2:00 am to watch the high tide pull us off our spot. No pictures this time, it was too dark by the time we tried our remedies.

Oh, by the way, no sailing for the next few days and today was a motor only day. We sent John up the mast yesterday to replace our broken light and he found that we have a broken toggle which would be holding up our mast if it were not broken. We had to emergency repel him down and rig up a temporary halyard to keep the mast in place until we can get and install the replacement part.

Also today...

We went ashore at a restaurant called Hanna Banana. THey had veggie burgers worth dying for. In the true southern style, they deep fried the tomatoes, so eventually that dying for them would creep up. Yes, it was worth every calorie. THey also served deep-fried macaroni and cheese. The South. I think we have arrived.

On the way in the restaurant, we first used their marina to fuel up and pump out. Total success.

And, the most important part of the story? Well, we saw a giant snake swimming on top of the water! He must have been about 4 feet long with brown and black markings. Really pointy head like an arrowhead. John thinks it might be a water moccasin. More reasons to stay out of this water...

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