Hawaiian memories

by sarah hair Email

I lived in Hawaii for the better part of a decade back until 2006, I think. You see, my sense of years has become very blurry. I never remember how old I am without going through and doing the math even, and my kids hate that I ask them how old they are every time someone asks.

Even though I can't remember when it was, I do remember living in Hawaii. Both my daughters were born there, and we have some very fond memories we share about growing up in such awesome weather. When they were little I could hose them down any day of the week if they were dirty. Now, that is a good climate!

We lived on the island of Hawaii, also known as "The Big Island" since no one knows its name is Hawaii and they get all confused if you say you are from Hawaii (which island is that??) and ask for specification, while simply stating "Hawaii" for the third time just annoys the asker. A response of "The Big Island" gives them a chance to smile and nod, since you didn't say Maui or Kauai, which seem to be the only acceptable answers to the "Oh, Hawaii, which island?" question that inevitably follows mentioning living in Hawaii. At any rate, we lived on Hawaii, The Big Island, and enjoyed the benefits of year-round awesome weather and beauty.

We also had the volcano on our island, which leads me to my new earrings, which I made in inspiration of our time in Hawaii, which I do on occasion miss now that I am sweating like I am standing in a shower here in Florida.

Hawaii Sea Glass Volcano Earrings

They say that removing lava rock from Hawaii is bad luck, so good thing these lava beads are from the bead store! I suppose they could be from Hawaii, but I think they are from South America. The coral chunks are from the bead store too, so not sure where that coral was growing, but the sea glass pieces are from the Bahamas, hand picked by me and the girls!

Hot Lava Earrings can be seen here in my shop!

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