Sunflower Seeds are delicious

by sarah hair Email

Sunflower seeds are so delicious! Except for the skins, which we throw about everywhere.

Sendai and Tokyo are still teaching us what rats like to eat best. So far their favorite foods are sunflower seeds, by far.

They also like grapes, but just the insides. Tokyo makes a small incision in the top of the grape, then scrapes out the inside, leaving the peel intact in a perfect little cup. Sendai takes big bites form the outside, chews the whole thing up, then spits the peel part all over the floor, his bed, my pocket, wherever he happens to be while chewing.

All-in-all, I think we are doing alright in finding their favorites. They like cucumber seeds, but not the fruit or peels. They do not like tomatoes, unless they have ketchup on them. In fact, they will eat anything with sugar. They surely have a sweet tooth and have gained a lot of weight... I might have to put them on a diet!

Speaking of diets, John and I are at day 3 of our pre-fasting diet and will begin our juice fasting tomorrow. We will be very grumpy by the looks of it, but after 7 more days, we should have very healthy colons and intestines. Yay! I have to admit, I hate feeling so bad in the guts. After the fast, I will probably eat better too, since even today the thought of junk food was really disgusting, even though I was on a 1/4 portion diet all day. I was really hungry, but only wanted fresh raw foods. I ended up having a slice of potato bread with cucumber, tomato, arugula, and sprouts on top for dinner, but could only eat 1/2 of it before I felt too full. I saved the other half and ate it as a late night snack, since tomorrow I will get NOTHING I just felt like I should stock up.

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