in Topsail Island, North Carolina

by sarah hair Email

We found ourselves without a place to stop for the evening, with just us on the very skinny stretch of ICW just past the swing bridge that goes to Topsail Island. Having already run us aground twice today for a grand total of twice in my lifetime, I pleaded for the rest at a bonafide marina rather than taking my chances driving in the darkening evening as the tide fell through this stretch of tricky navigation.

Topsail Island turned out to be a hoot. We did not find mini-golf, ice-cream after 9:00pm, or a restaurant we were willing to eat in, but we did find some amazing jewelry, a fun beach-combing (and appearantly surfing) sandy beach, and a home-made donut place that even had brownie-topped donuts!

We also found public restrooms, a nice park, and some trails we hiked around in. On the beach I found several stones which are translucent and perfectly shaped discs and ovals. I am not sure what the stones are, but perhaps some type of quartz. The range from clear to grey and also there are orange, yellow, and greenish ones. The gay stones look a little lavender even. I am so excited to make something with them! They reminded me of eggs, so I kept telling the girls to look for the "mermaid eggs" while we were walking around the beach. They thought it was apt but disgusting, so they talked me out of calling them that when I make them into jewelry.

All told, let's hear it for Surf City! Saved us from uncertain death and a fun time too!

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