Morehead, NC

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Starting out from our last anchorage, we had just a short trip up to Morehead, NC. The motoring was not so bad, just a couple hours. Malia saw a whole bunch of dolphins and managed to get a good shot of a few of them surfacing at the same moment.

We could see the anchoring basin just ahead as we entered the channel. A few minutes later we were aground - again. It had just rained and our dinghy was full of fresh rain water, so the girls decided to go for a "swim" in the dinghy while we waited for the tide to turn around and float us off the shoal.

A kindly Sea Tow fellow let us know that there was another, safer, channel where sailboats could enter the basin without running aground, so we headed on and took it. Minutes later we were safely anchored in a very nice and cozy spot.

So far we spent yesterday and today checking out the area. Unfortunately, the closest grocery store and post office are over 3 miles away in another town. This means we will not be getting any fresh veggies or shipping any packages from here. We did however meet King Neptune of the fiberglass variety. The girls posed for a picture with him, then another little boy came over and insisted on getting his picture taken as well.

Today we checked out the little island next to the anchorage, Sugarloaf Island. It had a great hike mapped out and marked with numbered posts. The woods there were wet and smelled like life itself as we walked through to the beach on the other side. THe island walk offered beautiful views of the water but also a nice view of Morehead itself from just the other side of the channel.

We got a chance to beach comb and found a few more of those little frosted stones which we had dubbed "mermaid eggs" on our previous beach combing in Surf City!

We put them in our pockets and headed back to the boat just before it poured down rain again. We hope to spend the day tomorrow at the National Park at Cape Lookout where I just found out that we can camp and even make a campfire! I have not done that since I was a child, so certainly worth mentioning!

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