More from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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We have stayed in Myrtle Beach much longer than anticipated, but have been able to do more than we had hoped also, as long as we temporarily exclude the hope of fixing the rigging.

We are enjoying our time here, though it is a very touristy place. We visited the beach which I declared, "The most crowded place I have seen in my life" and we visited the mall and the tourist trap areas near the resort we are staying in. The swimming pool also rated as, "The most crowded pool I have seen in my life."

Other than all the tourists (seriously, more tourists than anywhere I have ever been, including Honolulu and San Francisco) it has been a hoot going around and doing the tourist things. We sent the girls on this contraption where they jumped on a trampoline while being held in a harness with bungee cords. The were slingshot high into the air and Malia even did a flip!

Today we went to play miniature golf, which as it turns out is entirely different than putt-putt golf. For one thing, miniature golf has a professional aspect and even a PMGA tour (that is professional mini-golf association) while putt-putt has windmills. Another difference, I was informed by the proprietor at the mini-golfing establishment, is that mini-golf has banks and curves with uneven ground while putt-putt is flat. Imagine that.

Well, I rocked it all the same. Here I am hitting a home run! I made it on my first try!

The last time we played miniature golf it was in Fort Myers, Florida for about 1/3 the price and there were alligators under the pirate ship, so it really was quite a bargain out there. We were rusty, but we did alright considering the reader board next to us said it was 102 degrees! No one died or even passed out, and we were grateful for the sun, since it meant we were able to golf at all considering how much thunderstorming had been going on the past few days since our arrival.

After our rousing and exhausting game of miniature (not putt-putt) golf, we headed to the Mongolian grill restaurant across the street for some amazing vegetarian food. My grand-mother used to tell me that there was no point taking me to a buffet, since I was a waste of money at those places when I didn't eat the meat. Well, right here in Myrtle Beach we found an all-you-can-eat buffet that has sushi and mongolian grill! They do offer meat, in about 25 different varieties, but it is not by any means the main attraction! They made us all the veggie sushi we could stand to pack in, then we headed through the veggie line and piled on the fresh veggies for them to fry up on the grill! Every single one of us vegetarians got our money's worth! Gramma would be so proud!

For our trip north...

Rigging was ordered and arrived, we sent John up the mast, it was the wrong size, so we brought him down with all of us unfulfilled. We ordered the new larger part, are waiting for it to arrive tomorrow, then will send John up the mast etc. again and prepare to leave Myrtle Beach the following day headed for North Carolina.

Madison also lost a tooth yesterday, so everyday life is also still going on along.

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