New Jewelry from Bahamas

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The marina here has finally, with the help of John, set up internet access! I have had a connection for two days now, so my joy is overflowing with access to all the youtube videos of people teaching how to make a giant laser and flash games of farkle that I can handle. Of course, I also posted some new jewelry on the web site and I even am updating my blog, so it is not all fun and games.

I went jewelry crazy when we landed and I made about 40 new items in a week! It had been so long since I had a dremel tool, so I had not done any jewelry making for months. I got the replacement dremel and decided to buy a spare as well so I never got stuck in a position of not being able to create things when I want to.

Here is a preview of some of the new items. I added a lot, but this is a sampling. For more items, go to our sailing jewelry site.

sea glass pendant

Shifting Sands Turquoise Sea Glass Pendant This piece of glass is so amazing. It is one of the most spectacular we have found ever. It has an iridescent spot in two grooves and an awesome shape.

sea urchin pendant

Sea Urchin Pendant
I found several sea urchins and experimented with resins and glues for a few months before I got it down. I have several of these ready to go in different sizes and colors now.

sea glass ring

Lillie Sea Glass Ring
I have only found one piece of sea glass in this color. This is it. I had to make it a ring, which is my very favorite item of jewelry.

sea glass bracelet

Neapolitan Sea Glass and Shell Bracelet
Malia found most of these shells. She collected a baggie full while we were in Bahamas and was hunting them the entire time. I think the shells are actually white but have the color from a coral that grows over them. We found a bunch of other things that have this pink color on them as well.

sea glass earrings

Dreamy Teal Sea Glass Earrings
I love it!

Peas Sea Glass Pendant
I called this one Peas! I saw this piece of glass on the beach and immediately knew it needed some peas dangling from its middle.

That is all for now. See the web site for the rest of the sea glass collection from the Bahamas, and I have a bunch more that I am making so there will be more updates coming!

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