Quinoa with squash, tomatoes, pine nuts, and arugula

by sarah hair Email

This was my first time making quinoa myself. I have had it a lot of times, but never made it myself for some reason, even though I always loved it. I think I had to wait until I saw some quinoa for sale in the costco before I realized it must be so easy that even a monkey could make it.

I was not entirely incorrect, as it is unbelievable how simple it was to make, but I did have to go online and read about it to find out some little tips, such as making sure to soak and rinse it before cooking to get out the bitter taste. Yay internet!

No recipe for this one, since it is exactly what it looks like. I sauteed the veggies and put them over the quinoa, The cantaloupe was the added surpriase, since it really brought out the savory flavor of the arugula, pine nuts, and garlic.

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