Still in Fort Lauderdale

by sarah hair Email

After a month, we are still in Fort Lauderdale. We got a cozy place right near the post office downtown. There are docks run by the city and they have fresh showers and an air-conditioned laundry room! It makes me want to do laundry very day...

Fort Lauderdale is wonderful, as always. So welcoming to cruisers and so easy to get everything nautical crossed off the to-do list. Today we go pick up our dinghy, hopefully with the valve fixed and the air staying on the inside of the chamber. THe inflatable dinghy repair shop (yes, that is what it is) is just a short bike ride across town!

Everything is going according to our plan and timeline, and we intend to make way for Bahamas in a couple weeks.


Comment from: Miki [Visitor]
MikiFYI if you stay in ft. lauderdale till July 31-Aug 1 there is a major judo tournament at the Ft. Lauderdale convention Center( Junior U.S. Open Judo Championships). You could sell your jewlery there The tournament director is Gerry Navarro
07/20/10 @ 20:46
Comment from: sarah hair [Member] Email
sarah hairTHanks so much for the information, Miki! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we are in Charleston, South Carolina as of late yesterday. We should seriously plan our lives more closely with local events as you suggest, but never seem to get around to it! Charleston looks like a blast though.
07/25/10 @ 06:50