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eat healthy diet

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eat healthy diet [Visitor]
Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!
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sicbo [Visitor]
Perfect landing with no major events whatsoever, a remarkable feat at Cooley's, where we have witnessed so many catastrophes with people docking or launching since the tides are so odd and the current and wind so strong. nice blog.thank you
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sarah hair

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sarah hair [Member]
THanks so much for the information, Miki! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we are in Charleston, South Carolina as of late yesterday. We should seriously plan our lives more closely with local events as you suggest, but never seem to get around to it! Charleston looks like a blast though.
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Miki [Visitor]
FYI if you stay in ft. lauderdale till July 31-Aug 1 there is a major judo tournament at the Ft. Lauderdale convention Center( Junior U.S. Open Judo Championships). You could sell your jewlery there The tournament director is Gerry Navarro
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Elena Ohlsson

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Elena Ohlsson [Visitor]
Hi John, Sara

Are you all in the area of Ft . \L
Would like to come out in October to hang-out.
Keep us posted on your latitude. K


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