How I take care of my rats.

by princesslili Email

I have two special pet rats Sendai and Tokyo. I take good care of my rats. Here are some things I do for Sendai and Tokyo: I feed them delicious food daily and give them lots of love. I also have my uncle John wash Sendai and Tokyo with soap and water, even though they hate it, it keeps them healthy. I give them lots of water and most of all I give them macho training all the time. I look at them carefully to see if they are hurt.

I play with them, well thats mostly a treat for me. They also play in side tubes.

They get all fluffy by my Mom, she is also there Mom.

I also wash their hammy and their cage twice a week and I take them out for exercise a lot.

Tokyo and Sendai are nice, cute, furry, little rats. Rats are good pets for me, if you can take care of them like I do I think they would be good pets for you, unless you have A cat.

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