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Florence was famous for its beautiful cathedral. The thing that made the cathedral so wonderful was its dome. Brunelleschi was the architect of the dome of the cathedral of Florence. Ancient Rome was the ancient civilization that Brunelleschi studied… more »


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Petrarch was known for his poetry. Petrarch wrote letters and poems. Petrarch was inspired by these other writers, Cicero and Virgil. We call the idea that humans are good and capable of good things humanism. Petrarch was the first humanist. Petrar… more »


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During the middle ages in Europe, what gave people hope? The answer is their Christian Faith. Dante wrote the Divine comedy. In the Divine comedy, Who guided Dante through hell? The answer is The poet Virgil. Beatrice is the one who guided Dante thr… more »

his tory

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Monks copied old manuscripts and preserved learning in Europe during the middle ages. Meanwhile, muslims copied books in the east. What kind of manuscripts did Muslim scholars preserve? The answer is ancient works from Greece and Rome. Islam was the… more »

my history.

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The middle ages is a time of a dangerous and hard time. The middle ages was a dangerous and hard time because every one was fighting. The barbarians invented the rome empire because they wonted land. Another word for castles is fortresses. We call t… more »

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