My essay on Ramona Qimby age, 8.

by princesslili Email

Ramona is going to third grade, Beezus is going to junior high school, and Mr.
Qimby is leaving his old job at the frozen food section and going back to school.
Ramona gets to ride the bus to school by her self. Beezus has to walk to school.
Mrs. Quimby has a job to. They have a cat named picky-picky. Mrs. Qumby and
Mr. Quimby wonder why they named picky-picky picky-picky because Ramona and Beezus are more picky than picky-picky.

Ramona cleans her room. Beezus cleans her room. Mrs. Qumby normally cooks.
Mr. Qumby is in school so he can get a better job to make the Qumbys family more money. Mrs. Qumby also makes money with there job. picky-picky meows
at the door so she can get out of the Qumbys way.

I think the Qumbys family is successful at helping each other because they have there ups and downs but at the end they all make up with each other. The all have there own way of helping one a nether, sometimes one does the others job.

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