my test

by princesslili Email

1. can you see the whole earth, or just half? I can see just half of the earth.
2. north america is one of the the seven continents. Name two other continents you see on the globe. south america and africa.
3. The Pacific ocean is one of four oceans. Name one other ocean you see on the globe. The Atlantic ocean.
6. Which continents and oceans do you see on both this map and the globe on the opposite page? North America, south America, Africa, the Pacific ocean, and the Atlantic ocean.
7. Match the numbers above with the following continents: Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, south America. 1/North America 2/South America 3/Africa 4/Europe 5/Asia 6/Australia 7/Antarctica.
8. Match the letters above with the following oceans: Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, pacific. A/Arctic b/Pacific c/Atlantic d/Indian a/Arctic b/Pacific.

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