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During the middle ages in Europe, what gave people hope? The answer is their Christian Faith.
Dante wrote the Divine comedy.
In the Divine comedy, Who guided Dante through hell? The answer is The poet Virgil.
Beatrice is the one who guided Dante through heaven.

his tory

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Monks copied old manuscripts and preserved learning in Europe during the middle ages.
Meanwhile, muslims copied books in the east.
What kind of manuscripts did Muslim scholars preserve? The answer is ancient works from Greece and Rome.
Islam was the religion of the people who translated, copied, and saved the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans in centers of learning on the Arabian peninsula and elsewhere.
Whose works did the Thomas aquinas used to help him in his thinking? The answer is The works of the ancient Greeks.
Which ancient Greek writer did Thomas Aquinas admire? The answer is Aristotle.
Thats the end of my his tory?

How I take care of my rats.

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I have two special pet rats Sendai and Tokyo. I take good care of my rats. Here are some things I do for Sendai and Tokyo: I feed them delicious food daily and give them lots of love. I also have my uncle John wash Sendai and Tokyo with soap and water, even though they hate it, it keeps them healthy. I give them lots of water and most of all I give them macho training all the time. I look at them carefully to see if they are hurt.

I play with them, well thats mostly a treat for me. They also play in side tubes.

They get all fluffy by my Mom, she is also there Mom.

I also wash their hammy and their cage twice a week and I take them out for exercise a lot.

Tokyo and Sendai are nice, cute, furry, little rats. Rats are good pets for me, if you can take care of them like I do I think they would be good pets for you, unless you have A cat.

my history.

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The middle ages is a time of a dangerous and hard time.
The middle ages was a dangerous and hard time because every one was fighting.
The barbarians invented the rome empire because they wonted land.
Another word for castles is fortresses.
We call the larger churches built by bishops so people could pray for help when life got hard during the middle ages? The answer is cathedrals.
A monastery is a place where monks lived and worked together.
Europe was called Christendom because there was a lot of Christians.

Color Wheel

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