Malia with Toyko

by sarah hair Email

Malia with Tokyo in September 2009

Toyko is the rat on my shoulder, he died a wile ago.
sendai his brother is lonely, that is why we are getting two young girls.

girly friends

by princesslili Email

In the morning, John told my sister madison and me to clean up dog hair, from last night. We ignored john for a wile and played with are stuffed animals, but then we cleaned up the dog hair. After we cleaned up the dog hair we ate Indian food leftovers. Next we went on a long walk first to the farmers market and got pastries then to CVS looking for shoos and a patch kit, we didn't find them so our mom bought a box of nail polish. Then we went to Walgreens looking for the same things we didn't find them in Wagreens. After we went to Walgreens we went to another store looking for a patch kit and we found it! next we went to Spencer and Celeste's house. They lost there cat so madison and I helped look for her. Later on we got our bikes from Spencer and Celeste's house and biked to a rat rescue, we where going to get two young girl rats. wen we looked at all the young girl rats I got diabetes from every rat because they where so sweet. we picked out the rats, but we cant keep them until they get tested for any contagious sickness. So we didn't take them home that day, but soon we can take them home with us. We went to Taco bell on our way back home, we ate their but madison and I took some of it home. When we got home Madison and I ate our other part of our meal.


by princesslili Email

I like raspberries,they taste good,
if I had a farm I'd grow them ,
yes I wold.
Raspberry jam taste the best ,
I eat that right before I rest.
The night sky is like
a raspberry over the sun.
Wen the nights all gone,
I play and have fun.

The sounds of my every day world

by sarah hair Email

Listen! Do you hear... I hear the sun,
I hear the deer about to run,
I hear a turtle,
I hear a mortal,
I hear a cloud,
I hear something loud!

Listen! Do you hear...
I hear the sun, I hear the
Deer about to run.

The sky, isn't it
so high? If I could fly I
would fly in the sky.

my family

by princesslili Email

My family and I live on a boat. We have visited gun cay, cat cay, and Bimini. we are going to go to other places also, we just have not gone there yet. Are boat is a sail boat and it is 42 feet. My mom sells jewelry.

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