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The Bounty

by maddielou Email

The British Admiralty purchased a coal carrying merchant ship operating on the coast of England, named Bethia, renamed the coal carrying ship Bounty, and re-commissioned her in 1787 for a special mission. Bounty was to sail halfway around the world to… more »

Madison and Tokyo

by sarah hair Email

Madison with Tokyo

Where are we? Ft. Lauderdale. Again?

by maddielou Email

Yay!!!!!! We're back in Florida, We are on the 86 Isle of Venice, in Ft. Lauderdale. Yep we are back where we started. We came back to get some new ratties since Tokyo died from a Tumor. We found some really cute ones, We saw a bunch of adorable ba… more »

We're Somewhere New!

by maddielou Email

Right now we are on Grand Bahama Island and we got here around 6:00 on Sunday, October 25, 2009. I just finished a report on Gun Cay where we were earlier because we tried getting here from Bimini but the wind changed and we turned around and went to G… more »

Where we have been

by sarah hair Email

Right now we are on Grand Bahama Island, near the Lucaya waterway, Next to the Sir Charles Hayward Yacht Club. We have not been doing much, just been laying low. more »

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