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The Bounty

by maddielou Email

The British Admiralty purchased a coal carrying merchant ship operating on the coast of England, named Bethia, renamed the coal carrying ship Bounty, and re-commissioned her in 1787 for a special mission. Bounty was to sail halfway around the world to… more »

We're Somewhere New!

by maddielou Email

Right now we are on Grand Bahama Island and we got here around 6:00 on Sunday, October 25, 2009. I just finished a report on Gun Cay where we were earlier because we tried getting here from Bimini but the wind changed and we turned around and went to G… more »

The Rats

by sarah hair Email

This is a painting of my pet Rats Tokyo and Sendai. more »


by sarah hair Email

This is Malia's favorite stuffed animal that I drew for a school art project. more »


by sarah hair Email

This is my dragonfly for school. more »

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