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Destination: North Carolina?

by maddielou Email

Can you believe it? We are in North Carolina. It seems so surprising, we aren't that far from Florida. We are in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. more »

Color Wheel

by sarah hair Email

This is my color wheel from my sister Malia's school art project. more »

Robinson Crusoe

by maddielou Email

1. Robinson Crusoe sees a footprint in the sand that scares him so much. 2. Robinson Crusoe decides to strengthen his castle because only a man could make that print and he had not been on that side off the island for years, he thinks there are sav… more »


by maddielou Email

Questions 1. What does the second child see the first child doing by the roadside? The second child sees the first child on a log by the roadside. 2. When the first child sees the water, what does the second child see? The second child sees only g… more »

my calendar math

by maddielou Email

Orange The date is August 6, 2009. The number name is six. The standard form is 6. The roman numerals are VI. The expanded form is 6. The number is composite. Green The number name is twenty-nine. The ordered form is 29th. The roman numerals… more »

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