Where we have been

by sarah hair Email

Right now we are on Grand Bahama Island, near the Lucaya waterway, Next to the Sir Charles Hayward Yacht Club. We have not been doing much, just been laying low.

We have stopped!

by maddielou Email

Right now we are here on Bimini in the Bahamas waiting for the wind to change so we can go somewhere else. It is really fun here but if you come and want internet and the internet is down, be prepared to wait for days. They finally fixed the internet and so now I am blogging. In Bimini people don't really eat any vegetables, and when they do there from cans! I don't have much to blog about, but hopefully I will get to somewhere new and then I will type all about it.

The Rats

by sarah hair Email

This is a painting of my pet Rats Tokyo and Sendai.


by sarah hair Email

This is Malia's favorite stuffed animal that I drew for a school art project.


by sarah hair Email

This is my dragonfly for school.

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