Color Wheel

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This is my color wheel from my sister Malia's school art project.


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Science 1
Humans are vertebrates.
Invertebrates do not have backbones.
Vertebrates have backbones.

Science 2
Sea Sponges are invertebrates and belong to the phylum Porifera.

Science 3
Jellyfish are invertebrates and belong to the phylum Cnidaria.

Robinson Crusoe

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1. Friday is afraid when Robinson Crusoe shoots the goat because he thinks that Robinson Crusoe is going to kill him.

2. Robinson Crusoe thinks that Europe lies west of the island.

3. Robinson Crusoe decides to make a new boat because he is going to try and get to the other island.

Robinson Crusoe

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1. Robinson Crusoe sees a footprint in the sand that scares him so much.

2. Robinson Crusoe decides to strengthen his castle because only a man could make that print and he had not been on that side off the island for years, he thinks there are savage men on the island and wants to be ready if they attack.

3. Robinson Crusoe's dream is even more unusual because then it happens.

4. Robinson Crusoe saves the prisoner by leading him with the men that were chasing him into the river that was very strong and he only saved the prisoner.

5. Robinson Crusoe calls the man Friday because he saved the mans life on Friday.

Robinson Crusoe

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1. Robinson Crusoe makes a canoe, an umbrella, and a river path for his canoe.

2. Robinson Crusoe can't sail his first canoe because it is so big and heavy it can fir 12 men.

3. Robinson Crusoe can't get his second canoe into the water because it is still to heavy for him to carry for a mile and a half.

4. Robinson Crusoe hears Poll calling his name, Poll is his parrot he taught to talk.

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