Brer Rabbit Gets Brer Fox's Dinner

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1. Brer fox was hammering because he was working on his roof.

2. No, Brer rabbit did not want to help him.

3. He doesn't stop Brer rabbit from eating his dinner because he was nailed to the roof.

From Tiger To Anasi

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1. The strongest animal in the forest they say is the Tiger.

2. The weakest animal in the forest they say is the Spider Anasi.

3. Tiger asks Anasi to bring him the snake so Tiger will put his name on things.

4. Yes, Anasi catches snake.

How The Bear Lost His Tail

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1. It looks long black and glossy.

2. Bear wants to stick his tail into the icy lake because he wants to catch fish the way fox had told him how.

3. Bear sits still on the ice for a day.

4. Bear loses his tail by sticking it in the icy water and then staying there until morning when the river froze so when fox told bear to pull out his tail it was in the ice.


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1. The state capital of Florida is Tallahassee.
2. The abbreviation for Florida is Fl.
3. The state bird of Florida is mockingbird.


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Over 75,000,000 tourists visit florida each year.

Florida is known for its oranges.

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