The Green Glass Ball 2

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It is a good day because he has a lot of things to fix to get something in return.

The donkey feels happy because he can wish for anything in the world.

The donkey wants Tinker to wish for money or to be the King.

The Tinker wishes for the donkey to be at the end of the earth.

The lesson they learned is that having something you can wish on is a lot of trouble.


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1. The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill at 345 ft.

2. The climate is subtropical, damp, and warm.

3. Florida is considered a plateau because florida is a flat terrain and a high plain.

The Green Glass Ball

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1. I would describe the donkey as mean and obnoctious.

2. Tinker does not allow Terry come with him and become a tinker because he wants to teach his nephew Tim to be a tinker.

3. He fixes a pot, some knives, and a kettle.

4. It doesn't bother tinker because he gets food instead.

5. He reacts surprised.

The King and his Hawk

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To my Subjects and Soldiers

Today I killed my hawk and he saved my life because there was a poisonous snake in the water in the spring that I was going to drink, honor your hawks and make sure not to kill them for no reason.

King Genghis Kahn

The King and his Hawk

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1. Genghis Khan is a great King and Warrior.
2. Hawks help their masters by flying high and then swooping down upon the animal when the hawks spot it.
3. He grew angry because he was thirsty and the hawk was knocking his cup away.
4. The King discovered that there was a dead poisonous snake in the spring that he was going to drink from.

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