Days in Charleston

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I didn't want us to leave Abacos, where we spent languid days rafted up to our friends aboard schooner Keewaitin. I'm not a buddy boater, but that isn't what we were doing anyway. The endless days, cool breezes and long nights with our favorite beverage - lemoncoconade, talking and enjoying the starry nights until well into the mornings, washed off much of the indignities we suffered ashore in Lauderdale this last time. I managed to forget being boarded and harassed by US Customs on the way out of the States. The forty hour trip out seemed a mere trifle. The flickering illusiveness of living for and within the moment was within grasp.

Then it was over. We untied from Keewaitin and set out north, set for a four day trip to round Hatteras. The wind died after the second day and we drifted for nearly a week, before we adjusted our destination to Charleston.
Now Charleston isn't what I'd been told the South was like. It kicks ass on a variety of levels - but you must study it before understanding how to hit all the happy hour specials. You can get a few quarts of fine ale in you for under $10 before 8 pm, if you are careful with your route. I recommend investigating Brew Works on King St.
We hardly spent time on the boat for the week we were there: successful city cruising!
Oh yeah, there's a lot of history and stuff there. And parks, fountains, benches, libraries - learn all about it on the Wiki. We saw the aquarium, slave museum, gunpowder magazine, the USS Yorktown and a submarine; you have to just look at the photo blog to get an idea of the place. We even caught a Harry Potter -themed filk performance at the library.
The food is epic, and not too overpriced. Watch your weight. It helps to sit through a vacation rental presentation or two, in order to get the swag and free tickets to the local attractions.
Now we are heading North through swamp and marsh on the ICW.

A Fountain in Charleston:

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