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Days in Charleston

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I didn't want us to leave Abacos, where we spent languid days rafted up to our friends aboard schooner Keewaitin. I'm not a buddy boater, but that isn't what we were doing anyway. The endless days, cool breezes and long nights with our favorite beverage… more »

Our Month in the Sun

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The tug of Stocking Island - Alec's Birthday Party: We stuck ourselves velcro-like to the beaches around Elizabeth Harbor in George Town for the past month. Finally, finally we had sun and good weather. Our friends on Thursday's Child felt the in… more »

The Stickiness of George Town

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The View From the Beach: The social situation is regimented here. If you play volleyball there are strict rules by which you must adhere; no one under fifteen is allowed. On a public beach? How can this be? Well, Chat and Chill "owns" that stretch co… more »

Crazy Weather in Bahamas.

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"This is the worst it's been in 15 years... usually today would seem chilly," Al explained from his dinghy alongside us at Big Majors Spot. For us, it felt like the first day of spring come early. We've been hiding from the weather - or specifically… more »

40 day long week

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It's surprising how time flies when you're tied up to the dock. South Florida has turned chilly, and in our procrastination, we are on the wrong side of the tropics. We will remedy this soon, hopefully. Right now we are hogging the electricity, rel… more »

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