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Hurricane Earl

by john Email

Earl Punctuated our long stretch of travel on the ICW from Charleston to Elizabeth City like a bloated double-spiked comma rolling along the South East US. Fortunately, it was just a comma, not a period, nor exclamation mark. We pulled down all of ou… more »

Days in Charleston

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I didn't want us to leave Abacos, where we spent languid days rafted up to our friends aboard schooner Keewaitin. I'm not a buddy boater, but that isn't what we were doing anyway. The endless days, cool breezes and long nights with our favorite beverage… more »

Too long in Fort Lauderdale

by john Email

We are eager to go out and meet up with our friends on Keewaitin again in Abacos. It's getting hot, humid and uncomfortably wedged in hurricane season here. After hanging with them, we're off to New England. This last month was overburdened with phys… more »

These are the dims

by john Email

Hey Carlos, will these work for you? more »

Our Month in the Sun

by john Email

The tug of Stocking Island - Alec's Birthday Party: We stuck ourselves velcro-like to the beaches around Elizabeth Harbor in George Town for the past month. Finally, finally we had sun and good weather. Our friends on Thursday's Child felt the in… more »

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