Our Month in the Sun

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The tug of Stocking Island - Alec's Birthday Party:
tug of war

We stuck ourselves velcro-like to the beaches around Elizabeth Harbor in George Town for the past month. Finally, finally we had sun and good weather. Our friends on Thursday's Child felt the inexorable pull to return to the States and departed between a couple cold fronts. On the last few days of our stay, the crew of Keewaitin, a beautiful schooner out of Nassau hung out with us. They also had a young Madison aboard, so it seemed reasonable to mix 'em all up.

The folks aboard Keewatin: Tina, Brock, Allen and (for one evening we visited) Paul gave us a deeper insight into cruising in Bahamas and - since the water was tolerably warm - actual, real life snorkeling. We all went out to the cut off Elizabeth Island along with our friend Terry from Lillie Mae and finally found some epic coral. Words can't describe it, but we don't have a decent underwater photography solution! If you are reading this, own a waterproof camera business and want to sponsor us, we'll dedicate every underwater photo post we make to you in exchange for a decent underwater shooting solution!

Our favorite parts of George Town and Elizabeth Harbor:
Exuma Markets: fine variety of food including fresh veggies at prices that weren't much higher the Ft. Lauderdale
The Swing on Volleyball Beach.
Coral at Fowl Cay Cut.
Jumping off the dock at Hamburger Beach.
The bubble bath waterfall on the Sound side of Stocking Island
The density of cruising boats making it much easier to find and make new friends.
The view from Monument and monument beach.
The underwater clay we found
Doing art projects on the beach
The audio-visual movie experience we had on our friends' boat one night.
Cheap Rum - especially the Mango flavored stuff that smells like a French bordello
The little cave on the point of Elizabeth Island

If we come this way again next year, we need to add to our gear:
swimwear without sunblock damage
masks that don't leak and snorkels that actually reach the kids' mouths
an outboard that actually works
way more sunblock - this is odd, since we so rarely even got to see the sun the past few months
better weather

I'm seriously considering an engine-driven reverse osmosis water maker, but they are more than a little expensive. Also, I have to admit that I am feeling the strong attraction to roller-furling jib equipment, in spite of my innate distrust for that kind of machinery. In any event we'll need a new jib and new sail covers, as ours are in tatters and patches.

Even now, after weathering countless cold fronts that we were consistently assured from expert meteorological testimony were aberrant and soon to be finished, we are still hiding out for a nasty double front coming through this week up at Lee Stocking Island around the Marine Research Center. It's almost May and the trades aren't steady enough to plan longer trips, with cold fronts coming through once or twice every week. Enough already!

Hanging out with Eric and Jen and the visiting dive instructors at the Marine Research Center was like reuniting with long lost friends. Had we only been here just a month before?

Ahead is the sail to Nassau, where we hope to meet up with the folks from Keewaitin agin.

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