Too long in Fort Lauderdale

by john Email

We are eager to go out and meet up with our friends on Keewaitin again in Abacos. It's getting hot, humid and uncomfortably wedged in hurricane season here. After hanging with them, we're off to New England.

This last month was overburdened with physical and mental activity and events. Sadly, we lost our rat Tika to a tumor. She survived surgery but died in recovery. I built new sail covers for the boat with the help of my friend Carlos, before he and his husband moved off to Canada, where we hope we will see them later in the year. Later I had a crushing headache for days after a dock we were staying at did some damage to our paint after the landlubber owner of the dock moved our boat in such a way that it rubbed up against a poorly installed swim ladder. Oh the times. We also stayed with our friend Brandi and her kids up in Lighthouse Point while taking on supplies.

We've tried to leave for Bahamas two times, being turned back by weather. This is not unusual for us, as the forecasting this year has been less than accurate. We're going to try again today.

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Comment from: Kim Pugh [Visitor]
Kim PughHi, John,

Wolfie told me about your website. Amazing life! I just bought pine A-frame house in Julian. Still doing some fighting, in armor these days.
07/11/10 @ 21:52