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Kim Pugh

In response to: Too long in Fort Lauderdale

Kim Pugh [Visitor]
Hi, John,

Wolfie told me about your website. Amazing life! I just bought pine A-frame house in Julian. Still doing some fighting, in armor these days.
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In response to: Finally Warm in Exumas

Karla [Visitor]
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gry planszowe

In response to: My Rant on Mooring Balls

gry planszowe [Visitor]
I've shared you post on digg, good work
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Term Papers

In response to: Everyone's a Millionaire

Term Papers [Visitor]
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Ron Wood

In response to: Regatta for the Masses

Ron Wood [Visitor]
Sounds like here in San Diego, what with all the wakes and all. :-) Currently, I'm on a mooring ball in Coronado. I'm wringing out bugs from the autohelm, waiting for money, then I'm (hopefully) off myself, Mexico bound, I think.

Tonight, I'm heading over to Kiki and Welton's for a pumpkin carving party; I'll convey greetings for you.

much love,
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sarah hair

In response to: I lit myself on fire today

sarah hair [Member]
I put this in my blog as well. You looked so cozy in my big fuzzy pink robe and puppy slippers! It really was a Kodak moment. Except for the part where you were on fire.
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