Can you sense any Chaos?

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This is where Sarah does some of her jewelry work. Well most of it. Shooting product occurs in our product studio, which at times is the dinner table. In theory we do have enough room in this house to house our various workshops and studios, but the reality is my knee hurts too much to go out on the monthly Wednesday night to collect all the tables and shelves that people in this neighborhood leave out for "bulk pickup"

With that said we did score a lovely sofa and some shelves recently.

The Boat Loft

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Here is where I turn plywood sheets and fiberglass into scraps and glass dust. Oh, and a nesting dinghy which we see here, the jeebus in the foreground and the main hull back by the dryer.

This project is only five months overdue.

Product Studio

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Here is where the art of the art occurs. Sarah uses the tent studio to make delicious photos of her jewelry.

Madi's Violin Recital

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We braved the driving winds of South Florida's frigid winter to walk to VSY and enjoy breakfast in the cafeteria, subsidized strangely enough by the DoD.

Malia couldn't join us for the recital - Virginia Schuman Young isn't exactly a traditional Montessori school, so kids can't get up and go to the activities in which they are interested. But Sarah and I got to enjoy hearing Madison's class play.

Den's Cuong Nhu Test

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Today Sarah and I took off to Davie to see and shoot Den's test.

Our friend Den has an interesting ability: he can live multiple lifetimes in parallel. I'm envious. He speaks several languages, studies at least two martial arts and works for a living. It makes me tired just enumerating this.

The test was very interesting to shoot. I hope Sarah will post one of Den in the photoblog.

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