I lit myself on fire today

by john Email

Today Sarah and Malia were sick and my knee still hurt like hell. So, after getting the other knee beaten up in aikido (and punched in the face), I came home, put on Sarah's pink fuzzy robe and puppy slippers and made her grits (Malia remained unconscious until 2 pm)

I was wiping off the stove when I noticed an odd orange reflection - a stripe of light climbing up my arm (on the fuzzy robe's sleeve).

It turned out to be fire.

Sarah's says I should write that I "stopped, dropped and rolled", but that may have damaged the pot of grits. So I screamed and stuck the sleeve under my armpit (the other one). Luckily only some of the top thread of the fuzzy pink robe were singed. The grits were fine.

I'm too lazy to write in the Ship's log, but Sarah and I went out and spent a grueling afternoon and early evening sticking on the swim ladder to our transom. My knee now really hurts. So I'm drinking wine and will start to pop the muscle relaxants presently.

I am looking forward to a productive morning with out quantities of fire.

Owwww my knee

by john Email

I went into Aikido this morning and did a strange - for me - backward roll and totally tweaked my knee! Ouch. I can walk, and ride my bike, but the inside edge just below the kneecap is swollen and hurts when I press on it. It's not a screaming awake in-the-middle-of-the-night kind of pain, but it feels like there is a stopper knot on a tendon or ligament that pulls free when I squat down or stand up and sends a jolt through my whole body.

The Suck!!!

I think I'll still try to go in the morning though, so it can't be that bad. Right?

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