Sailing Jewelry

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Our time sailing in the Bahamas and Florida these past few years have allowed us to collect a lot of beautiful items on the beaches. We have an amazing collection of beach glass, also known as sea glass, which are pieces of glass that have been worn smooth by the ocean and sand. We have some stunning and unusual coral pieces that have broken off from diverse coral beds and reefs and washed up upon the shores of distant beaches. We have shells discarded by so many hermit crabs who have come before.

The sea glass or beach glass is the treasure we began working with first. We cleaned and arranged glass treasures washed up by the waves and drilled and wrapped them in sterling silver. We created beach glass earrings, necklace pendants, rings, and bracelets.

A sampling of these amazing treasures is available on our web site on etsy.

Martial Arts Meditation Dangle Earrings

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I made this design last year for our Aikido winter seminar. I have changed the products, such as offering earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and such, but this remains one of our most popular designs.

We now make this design on a blond wood tile instead of the dark wood tile. It looks more peaceful with the new blond wood. I have these for sale on our web site at Martial Arts and Crafts Jewelry

A rainbow of colors meditation dangle earrings

Aikido Meditation Dangle Earrings

Cantaloupe Orange Meditation Dangle Earrings
Honeydew Green Meditation Dangle Earrings
Caribbean Wave Blue Meditation Dangle Earrings
Azalea Purple Meditation Dangle Earrings

A woman meditating, relaxing, or enjoying the view. This drawing is available in several colors, I think I was feeling pretty hungry when I made these. Names like Honeydew and Cantaloupe are colors that will keep your mouth watering, while Caribbean Wave and Flame Red will calm or excite you!

The Japanese kanji running down the side says, "The way of harmony with the energy of the Universe" or "Aikido" for those who do not need the translation.

These pendants are made in the same style as our others, with the illustration laminated onto a wooden tile measuring about 3/4 by 7/8 inch. The image is below a thick layer of protective epoxy. They are hung from surgical steel ear wires.

About our products

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We began making jewelry several years ago in Hawaii. I love it. It is the very most relaxing thing in the world for me. Madison and Malia love making jewelry as well. It is a big treat for them to take a break from school and chores and veg out with some jewelry supplies and be creative.

We made about a thousand pieces of jewelry for a martial arts aikido seminar that was hosted by our dojo this winter. I made illustrations of things martial arts related, and the girls put together the pendants. The illustrations are printed out, meticulously cut, glued onto wooden scrabble tiles, sanded to a perfect fit, then sealed with a very thick coat of crystal clear glass-like jewelry epoxy. The epoxy seals the image in so it will not rub off or smear if it gets wet, but it also magnifies the image and gives it a very beautiful shine and depth.

The tiles are turned into either pendants or earrings. We also made some bracelets, but sold out and I have not made more yet. For necklace pendants, the tiles are flipped over after curing for 24 hours. They then have a silver-plated bail laminated onto the back side of the tile. After another 24 hours of curing the back side, we string them onto a black satin cord, long enough to fit over the head. It is tied with two slip knots so it can be adjusted to any size for wearing. For earrings, the tiles are drilled with a tiny drill bit and dremel tool, then hung from silver-plated jump rings and attached to sterling silver earwires. Some earrings are also made with surgical steel posts, which are laminated onto the back of the tiles. They have rubber earnuts, which are about the only thing I can wear without an allergic reaction.

Once the jewelry is made, we attach it to a cute hand-stamped card and place it in a crystal clear plastic baggie.

We make a variety of other jewelry items as well, including one of a kind necklaces and earrings and bracelets. I particularly enjoy making jewelry with lampwork beads, since I used to make lampwork beads when I lived in Hawaii and I still have a rather impressive stash. I have also lately taken a shine to wire wrapping. I was never too big on chains and such, but chain maille is so amazing and I just love my chain maille pieces I have made over the years, especially when I mix it up with lampwork beads and other glass.

We have recently began making origami jewelry using a very similar style and idea to our pendants. We fold origami papers into cranes, frogs, fish, balls, or whatever we may fancy, then hang them from jump rings, and put them through a set of actions to make them very strong, attractive, and interesting. The origami is decorated with gold or silver accents, oiled to make it translucent, coated in a layer of epoxy to make it strong, and hung to dry for 24 hours.

Once ready, we make pendants and earrings from the new everlasting origami pieces. They are very sturdy and strong, but maintain some give so if they get smashed they will flex before breaking.

The colors are amazing with the translucent effects, especially some of the papers with gold embossing. Like the bracelets, these keep being sold out. Since I can only make about 8 pieces from each paper, by the time I photograph them and post them on the site, everyone locally has bought them up! I am currently working on a way to get more or bigger sheets so this is not such a problem. I absolutely love the origami jewelry, and really want to show it off on the web site.

Aside from the origami jewelry, which I am still trying to work out the volume of, we are offering all of our tile jewelry for wholesale prices to dojos and clubs who want to offer the martial arts jewelry to their students and customers. I have great wholesale prices, but you must be a legitimate reseller. Please contact me if you want to find out more about selling our products.

Martial Arts and Crafts

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Our Martial Arts & Crafts jewelry is now on Etsy! Browse the galleries below and take a look at our jewelry, crafts, gift cards, and other items. We have some very beautiful jewelry.

Click on the thumbnail image below to view other angles, larger images, product specifications, and more information.

The blog page will only allow me to show a few of the items, but there are many more available at Martial Arts & Crafts Jewelry and More.